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Your all-round carefree partner

Your 360° full-service partner for drone logistics

As a full-service partner, we operate your drone transportation network. We take care of all the necessary steps, from flight approval to monitoring the flights, and are always available for you.

Our service

Permission to fly

Licenses & requirements

EU-LUC aviation license

Skyflow is the first company to specialize in medical transport by drone and is certified according to EU-LUC.

Checking local requirements

We ensure that our operations comply with all local regulations.

Flight operations

Monitoring of flight operations

Installation of the landing sites

All we need is a small landing area, preferably right next to your laboratory. We'll take care of the rest.

Carrying out the flights

Whether at fixed times or on call: we fly when you need us to. Most of it runs fully automatically. We monitor flight operations around the clock.

Insurance cover

We provide for every conceivable eventuality and are comprehensively insured. All information on the subject of safety.


We help. Always.

Personally there for you

From the first contact to regular operation, you have a personal contact who understands what you need and takes care of everything for you.

Always available

You can reach us directly. By e-mail or telephone. Just as you need us.

Fast implementation without effort for you

All-round carefree package: From the first draft to daily operation - we offer the complete solution for your medical logistics.

01 Planning

Skyflow gets to know your logistical needs during an on-site visit and draws up a proposal for the optimum operating equipment. Together we define the logistical requirements.

Duration: 2 weeks
02 Implementation

Skyflow organizes all the necessary official approvals and handles the technical and regulatory preparation. We also develop seamless integrations into existing systems.

Duration: 2 months
03 Test flights

Before the start of regular operations, simulations and test flights are carried out and your team is trained on site to ensure the highest possible level of safety and reliability.

Duration: 1 month
04 The first flight

Regular operations begin and Skyflow transports your medical goods from A to B immediately. Your drone logistics system is successfully up and running.

Optimize your medical logistics now with Skyflow

Let us develop your drone transportation solution together. We will be happy to provide you with further information, advice and answer your questions in person.

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Questions & Answers

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions. If you require additional information, please contact us directly.

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How does Skyflow support us as a full-service partner?

As a full-service partner, Skyflow takes over the operation of your entire drone transportation network. This includes obtaining flight permits, monitoring landing sites and flights and insuring the transported goods. In addition, you have a direct contact person at your side and a support team is available for you around the clock.

How does the implementation of Skyflow drone logistics work?

Implementation takes place in several steps: First, Skyflow gets to know your logistical needs and creates a proposal for the optimal operational setup. This is followed by the actual implementation, test flights and finally the first regular flight. Skyflow offers an all-round carefree package for a quick and smooth introduction.

Why drones?

Why not? A cab during rush hour is not a solution.

Our drones are faster, more environmentally friendly, cheaper and more flexible than transportation by road. We fly according to schedule or on demand - just as you need it. Thanks to GPS, sensor technology and QR code recognition, the drones land with pinpoint accuracy. Your material arrives reliably at its destination and the central laboratory is suddenly next door.

How safe are drones?

At Skyflow, safety is paramount, supported by comprehensive operational protocols and state-of-the-art technology to meet and exceed the requirements of modern medical facilities.