Drone transportation for clinics and laboratories

Medical logistics reinvented:
reliable, fast, efficient.

Ready for everyday use: Drone transportation for clinics and laboratories

Skyflow gets your samples to their destination quickly and reliably. Without waiting times, without courier trips, without traffic chaos, without headaches, but with delighted customers. Because the technology is tried and tested and adapts smoothly to your processes.

How Skyflow works
Diagnostic samples
Blood products
Medical equipment
Barely sent, already at its destination

From now on, the central laboratory is just around the corner: we fly at one-minute intervals and ignore traffic jams and red traffic lights. It couldn't be quicker.

The environment is grateful

Our transports consume 90% less energy than a courier trip in an electric car because we only transport the payload and not the pilot.

Lower costs

We fly automated with low personnel costs. We bear all investment costs. You only pay for the transportation. That pays off for you.

Ready for take-off at any time

You don't have to plan ahead or bundle transports. We are ready for your next assignment around the clock.

We take care of everything

We are your airline. We provide the drones, install the technology, obtain all the permits, monitor the flights and train your employees. It couldn't be simpler.

Skyflow as logistics partner

Permission to fly

We take care of all permits
  • IAA-LUC aviation license

    Skyflow is the first specialist for medical transportation to be certified according to IAA-LUC. The aviation authority has put us through our paces and certified our reliability in accordance with aviation standards.

  • Customized for you

    We analyze your geographical location, your site, your buildings and your processes and adapt to your requirements.

Flight Operations

We operate the technology
  • Installation of the landing sites

    All we need is a small landing area, preferably right next to your laboratory. We'll take care of the rest.

  • Carrying out the flights

    Whether at fixed times or on call: we fly when you need us to. Most of it runs fully automatically. We monitor flight operations around the clock.

  • Insurance cover

    We provide for every conceivable eventuality and are comprehensively insured. All information on the subject of safety.


We help. Always.
  • Personally there for you

    From the first contact to regular operation, you have a personal contact who understands what you need and takes care of everything for you.

  • Always available

    You can reach us directly. By e-mail or telephone. Just as you need us.

Safety on every flight

Flying is safer than driving. That's nothing new. But does that also apply to drones? We work like an airline and are monitored like an airline to achieve exactly that.

How we ensure safety
  • Aviation license IAA-LUC
  • UN3373 compliant Transports
  • GDPR compliant Data protection
  • Headquarters in Germany Berlin

Let's talk about it

Sounds good, you might think. But does it work for us? Is it really mature? How much lead time does a project like this need? Let's talk about it. If you want to rethink your medical transportation, we are eager to hear or read from you.

Your contact at Skyflow

Daniel Hoppe

Managing Director
daniel.hoppe@flyskyflow.com +49 (0) 163 1987486‬

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Questions & Answers

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions. If you require additional information, please contact us directly.

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What is Skyflow?

Skyflow is a full-service provider for medical logistics by drone. We offer customized transportation services designed exclusively for the specific needs of healthcare facilities.

We bridge the gap between healthcare centers, hospitals and laboratories by delivering medical supplies quickly, efficiently and reliably. Our advanced drone technology enables us to transport critical medical supplies such as samples, medicines and much-needed medical equipment with exceptional speed and precision.

Why drones?

Why not? A cab during rush hour is not a solution.

Our drones are faster, more environmentally friendly, cheaper and more flexible than transportation by road. We fly according to schedule or on demand - just as you need it. Thanks to GPS, sensor technology and QR code recognition, the drones land with pinpoint accuracy. Your material arrives reliably at its destination and the central laboratory is suddenly next door.

Is transportation by drone even allowed?

Strict regulations apply to drone transportation in the EU. We have undergone inspections by the Aviation Authority and are EU-LUC certified. We work according to aviation standards, just like our great role models in traditional aviation. We can fly for you. (If you let us.)

How safe are drones?

At Skyflow, safety is paramount, supported by comprehensive operational protocols and state-of-the-art technology to meet and exceed the requirements of modern medical facilities.